Travel special: Slovenia’s PinkWeek

Slovenia might not be at the top of your list of countries to visit – or even on your list, for that matter – but it should be, and here’s why.

Located in central Europe, Slovenia is a relatively small country sandwiched between Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy, and is approximately a two-hour flight from London. Its capital city, Ljubljana (pronounced loob-ee-arna), is pretty much in the centre of the country, meaning its a great base to explore from. It also has stunning landscapes made up of awesome mountains, mineral-rich lakes and lush forests. Slovenia even has a few Mediterranean style beaches (yeah, we were surprised too). A holiday to Slovenia therefore means one can ski down snow-topped peaks in the morning and swim in the shimmering Adriatic in the afternoon.

In terms of LGBT rights, Slovenia is a progressive country with liberal people. Earlier this year, same-sex marriage became legal for the first time. Slovenia is a very safe country for LGBT travellers to visit.

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