press release

Slovenia is a unique, exceptional country, giving pleasure to all who love discovering something new and different.

"It's not a famous party destination like Barcelona. It’s suitable for modern traveler, like you, who would like to experience as much diversity as possible in a short time. Only in Slovenia you can in just a couple of days enjoy breathing fresh air at the seaside and in the mountains, you can indulge in thermal baths, saunas, massages and other services provided by many spas, you can jog in the unspoilt countryside, taste culinary specialties prepared of local produce, taste fine wines produced in multiple locations across the country, you can sleep in castles as well as hotels. Culture and art lovers can satisfy their passion by visiting numerous museums, galleries and cultural centres. We proudly say that almost every village organises its summer festival. The land can also be explored underneath - in Slovenia, there are several thousand caves. Of course, Slovenia equally appeals to highly urban-oriented guests who love walks through city centres, shopping and good entertainment, "describe their country Mattej Valenčič and Matej Knific from Ljubljana. The couple, who has been together for twelve years and also became business partners a few years ago.

Both have a rich and extensive experience, one in tourism, the other in marketing. They first jointly used them in the field of incoming tourism. But when visiting a tourist fair in Singapore three years ago, another idea was born. "We suddenly realised no one in Slovenia offered LGBT holiday events. How come it hadn’t crossed our minds before?! So we decided to place our country on the map as one of such top destinations. "

As a result, they organized the first Pink Week in 2014, attended by guests from Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, USA and Israel. Last year, in its second edition, they welcomed guests from Italy, too. The program included packages within which they explored different parts of Slovenia. "We additionally offered our guests exceptional experiences like sleeping in a castle, making homemade bread, meeting shepherds and tasting freshly made cottage cheese, etc.," say both Matejs. "The idea is to each year provide our guests with unique experiences on different destinations across Slovenia."

The program for 2016 is including 3 nights accommodation in Ljubljana, lake Bled overnight glamping safari, dinner party, Dragon’s Ball 2016 gala dinner ticket, return airport transfers and much more… A selection of pre tours and post tours options are available for you.

The highlight of Pink Week is a gala evening, where guests have the opportunity to meet local influential people and VIPs. Last year its venue was at Križanke, the former monastery of the Order of Teutonic Knights, the construction of which commenced in the 13th century. The evening starts with culinary specialties from Slovenia and we are expecting attendance from established guests, among whom were the mayor of Ljubljana, Mr. Zoran Janković, ambassador of Republic of Slovenia in Germany, H. E. Mrs. Marta Kos, and other representatives of diplomacy, tourism and other industries, and Slovenian VIP personalities, followed by the Dragon's Ball party.

The purpose of the ball is to have fun and at the same time act in the benefit of the society. Therefore, the dance concluding the 2nd Pink Week on 30th May 2015 had also a charity initiative. Last year the donations founded the participation of Slovenia in the Gay Pride, the Christopher Street Parade in Berlin, one of the largest LGBT events in the world.

“Our special thanks go to many individuals and companies that support the project, knowing the importance of equal human rights. It’s our honour and pleasure to had Mercedes-Benz as a partner of Dragon's Ball and to be able to organise the entire project with the support of the Slovenian Tourism Organisation and the Municipality of Ljubljana, its mayor Zoran Janković and his team who support the development of this kind of tourism. "consider Mattej Valenčič and Matej Knific.

At the conclusion of Pink Week and as a special sign of support by the authorities of the city of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Castle, the most striking point of Ljubljana was lit in pink, and a rainbow flag was fluttering on the City Hall.

Do you feel Slovenia?