Slovenia among 7 top destinations for LGBT travel in 2016

Assuming the U.S. economy is able to remain reasonably strong, 2016 has the makings for a great year to travel. Airfare for domestic and international travel has been dropping and the U.S. dollar is up against nearly every other major currency in the world.  In addition, the number of destinations embracing LGBT travelers continues to grow. 

You’re likely asking “where the heck is Slovenia?” Let’s start with the fact that it’s in Europe — where the dollar is stronger than it has been in years. And to be more exact, it is in central Europe adjacent to Italy, spanning from the Mediterranean Sea to the southern tip of the Alps — which gives you a good idea of its beauty. It is also a generally small country in geography (about the size of New Jersey) and population (a little over 2 million people) making it an easy place to navigate and get to know intimately.

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Picture: Troy Petenbrink